"Just so you know, your YouTube videos have calmed every anxiety that I've had about my upcoming Gastric Sleeve Surgery. I prayed that I would come across a page like this to help ease my mind. Since I'm doing this on the down-low privately from my friends and family, it is such a saving grace to have found someone open, honest, and inspiring. Keep doing what you're doing!"


"I can't even tell you how much you inspire me. I had my VSG done recently and have been watching your videos oldest to newest. God is working so many blessings for you and I am so excited to watch your journey and watch it all unfold."


"Like most I came across Erin on YouTube and felt immediately that here was a genuinely wonderful person who I could relate to as she was sharing her journey with us...I'm not sure that she has any idea just how much she has helped me and how her optimism has kept me lifted and focused on my journey."


"Erin is the real deal. If she talks it she has LIVED it. If you want to create a level 10 life she will help you get there!"


"Coming across My Level 10 Life by accident when surfing YouTube, I found the videos informative filled with positive energy and encouragement. This has been so very helpful for me. I'm 9 weeks post-op and through the good and bad days having Erin in my corner has been the best coach I could ask for."


"I love watching your videos and you are such a great person to follow! I'm glad I came across your YouTube channel and Instagram. Thank You!"


"I have discovered your YouTube videos and I must say (because I have watched a great amount of French and American videos about bariatric surgery) that she is by far the most inspiring, down to earth and adorable person. My lapband will be removed in a few weeks and be replaced by a bypass. You give me much motivation!"


"You posting the journey on-line has helped many more than you know. Thanks for posting this content and being a source of inspiration and hope for other people!"


"I just wanted to say that you have given me encouragement after watching your videos. I am coming up on 3 months after having my Gastric Bypass Surgery and I was getting upset that the weight wasn't coming off, but after watching your video and seeing how HAPPY you were, made my day - THANKS."

April D

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