About ~ Erin Branscom

Hi, I'm Erin Branscom, the creator behind My Level 10 Life. I'm a wife, mother of 4, and champion to thousands in the bariatric community. After suffering from debilitating postpartum depression and anxiety, I decided to re-write my story in 2017 and live my level 10 life. I had gastric sleeve surgery 12.2.17 and went on a radical journey to lose 150 lbs and get my family completely debt-free of $70,514 in 2018.


"When I started researching bariatric surgery, I found Erin's videos on YouTube. Her videos helped me cement my decision in having surgery and standing tall for myself after my Dad's passing in 2017 and as my Mom's caretaker for over 5 years until her passing in 2018. Grief is something nobody can prepare you for but it's finally my time to take care of myself because I now know that I deserve to be happy and live a healthier life. I'm so grateful for Erin."



I am passionate about seeing people rise up, walk fully in their purpose, and live their level 10 life. Re-writing stories is my passion. I've personally been set free and restored from addiction, post-partum depression and more. My testimony is only something I could be set free from with the power of my faith. I'm passionate about helping others live their best lives with amazing habits and daily intentions.

Currently, my life is focused on raising my family with my husband in Northern Kentucky. I spend my time serving our weight loss surgery community on YouTube, writing, speaking, and traveling.

What will your life look like 90 days from now with strong and healthy habits?